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American Citizen Registration

The State Department recently launched a safe website that allows U.S. Citizens to register their overseas travel as well as residence information. This information will be used by the Department of State to assist and communicate with U.S. Citizens in case of an emergency.

U.S. Citizens that reside or travel all over the world may access this service through the State Department website. We invite you and your family to register and receive information through this important service. If you have already registered at a consulate, please register online to update your information.

This new travel registration service online allows all U.S. Citizens to register, update information and contact us anytime. This website will keep you informed of everything that happens in the places you visit or live. Your personal information is protected by State Department firewalls and can only be accessed by authorized personnel at the Embassies, Consulates and State Department, according to Privacy Act (5 USC 552a). This information will only be disclosed to third parties when you have given written authorization or when permitted by the Privacy Act.

If you have any questions or problems with the electronic registration, please send an e-mail to: If you have specific questions regarding your registration with this Consulate, please send an e-mail to: