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Customs Regulations

Guns and ammunition are illegal in Mexico!

Only under rare circumstances and with a permit from a Mexican Consulate in the United States are weapons or ammunition permitted in Mexico.

American Citizens found in the illegal possession of firearms or ammunition in any quantity are subject to Mexican law and face imprisonment.

In addition, tourists should limit their belongings to items needed for their trip. Unusual large quantities of unexpected items, such as expensive appliances or electronic equipment, may lead to suspicion of smuggling and possible confiscation of the items and the arrest of the individual.

Mexican regulations limit the value of goods that can be brought tax-free into Mexico. For complete details on items allowed tax-free, see Mexican Custom authorities website. This website is in Spanish, if you require translation assistance, please contact the Consulate's American Citizens Section.

Other items may be brought into Mexico, but various duties may apply.

The Border

When crossing the border, Mexican Customs has two different lanes.

"Nada que Declarar"  This lane is designated for people who have no items to declare and who are within the duty-free limit.

"Declarar" This other lane is designated for people who have items exceeding the duty-free limit and wish to declare their belongings and pay the corresponding tax.

Ensure you choose the correct lane before you enter.  You will be subject to a second immigration and customs inspection south of the Mexican border where unlawful items may be seized and you could be prosecuted regardless of whether or not the items passed through the initial customs inspection.