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Death of a US Citizen

Mexican authorities contact the U. S. Consulate when a U.S. Citizen passes away in Mexico.  The Consul, in turn, attempts to contact family members to inform them of the tragic event and to share information on the necessary steps for the disposition of the remains.  The information includes the different methods and cost of disposition such as returning the remains to the United States, local incineration and local burials.

The Next of Kin may choose to travel to Mexico to personally coordinate with local authorities or choose to allow the Consul to act on his or her behalf.  Though the Consul can represent the Next of Kin with local authorities in the disposition of the remains, the costs associtated will be the responsibility of the family, the U. S. Consulate does not accept any responsibility for disposition costs.

In all cases, the death of an American Citizen, whether resident or tourist in Mexico, should be reported to the Consulate in order to obtain an official Report of Death of an American Citizen.  This document, which is in English, is helpful in resolving estate matters in the United States.

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