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The Department of State of the United States of America has developed a new application, for improved visa processing. The Consulate General of the United States in Hermosillo and the United States Consulate in Nogales began accepting this form DS-160 on Monday June 1, 2009.

The DS-160 application is free, must be filled out online and does not require the use of intermediaries. Just print out a confirmation sheet with a bar code that will allow the Consulate access to the information contained in the DS-160.

This application offers several benefits to our applicants.

First, the DS-160 contains all of the options for visa applications in one. The applicant won't have to worry about which application they need to fill out in order to apply.

Second, the information provided by the applicant in the form DS-160 is between the applicant and the Consulate, thus offering greater privacy. The previous application was printed with personal data and submitted the day of the interview.

Finally, personal data will be processed before attending your interview, so it is recommended that the application should be filled out two days before your appointment. If the application is filled out correctly, the process may be faster for everyone -- a great benefit considering up to 2 million Mexicans will be renewing their visas this year.

It is important to remember that this application, like the previous one, must be completed in full, with accurate information and honesty. The new application does not minimize the requirement to provide proof of all economic and social ties outside the United States.


 The Department of State deployed an updated version of the DS-160 Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application on Saturday, June 25, with additional questions and improved translations in some languages.  We understand some individuals are having difficulty retrieving applications started before the transition to the updated form and are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. We encourage you to be sure to record your Application ID number, which is required to retrieve your application, to save your application frequently, and to review all sections of the form to make sure every question is answered.  Additional information that could be helpful in completing specific DS-160 sections is included below.

 Purpose of Travel and Payer Relationship:  If you started your DS-160s before June 25 but did not submit it, you must re-complete the “purpose of travel” and “payer relationship” sections of the form. 

New Questions:  If you started but did not submit your DS-160s before June 25, you may be prompted to answer new, additional questions, even if your form showed as “complete” previously. 

Retrieving an Application without the Application ID (Barcode Number):  You must have your Application ID number to retrieve and continue your application.  

Retrieving an Application if Surname Contains Fewer than Five Characters:  You can retrieve your DS-160 submission by entering up to the first five letters of your surname, even if your surname is less than five letters.  You must have your Applicant IDs to do so.

Started an Application before June 25 and Cannot Retrieve It:  If you cannot retrieve your DS-160, please start a new application.  


Page Error Messages:  Some errors are the result of special characters and formatting related to your computer settings.  You should enter only numbers (no punctuation) in the salary and date fields before clicking “next” or “save.”

To complete the application please enter the following link: DS-160.