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Lost/Stolen Visa Report

Lost or Stolen Non-Immigrant Visas

To report a Non-Immigrant visa as lost or stolen, before you complete the information report, please read carefully the following instructions:

If your visa was stolen or lost, you have to scan the police report, if you have it, and an official ID: IFE, driver's license, passport or birth certificate, if the person is a minor: birth certificate, passport or school ID.

Individual reports needs to be submitted in case of reporting more than one visa.

This report will only be processed if all information is provided.

Type of report: Complete name of visa applicant [name(s), last name(s)]:

Date of birth: (DD/MM/YEAR)

Email Address:

Place of birth:

Visa Class:

Date when visa was lost/stolen: (DD/MM/YEAR)

Brief description of how the visa was lost/stolen:

Scanned Police Report:

Scanned Official ID:

Police report case number:

Date when the police report was filed (DD/MM/YEAR):

City and State where the police report was filed:

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